Alconomics is the Science of Spirits, the Business of Pleasure and the Art of the Bartender.

We teach bartenders the mechanics of their jobs and the passion for their profession

Alconomics is the company behind the business. Formed by Angus Winchester in 2003 Alconomics creates, produces and executes bespoke training modules and provides bar consultancy services on behalf of enlightened souls from Bars to Brands.

Angus, based in New York, travels the globe spreading his teachings and talents as the founding Alconomic.

With a glowing track record in award winning bars behind us and a burning desire to learn, teach and travel ahead of them, the future looks rosy wherever you are…….

Alconomics believes Knowledge is Profit. We are dedicated to providing high quality educational materials, personalized business consulting and custom media production for the Alcohol Beverage and Retail Industries. We have no hidden agendas; we offer only unbiased, quality information and services.

In essence we work with a select group of restaurateurs, bar owners Hoteliers and Luxury Drinks Brands to create innovative beverage programs, exceptional staff and memorable guest experiences.

“What are we having next?”

To our simple mind this is an awesome phrase. It’s filled with positive expectation, change, variety, sociability and unity. And in our world probably leads to a drink…It is also the thought behind this site.

Changing constantly this site will reflect all that we like, that we think fulfill a criteria of interest and information that might help you when bellying up to your next bar.

It is also a site to let prospective clients see what we do and how we do it, as a resource for those who care…recipes, articles, drinks and links for your delectation