Bartender Training

Sam presenting 'Service Techniques'

Sam presenting ‘Service Techniques’

Alconomics Bartender Training can cover a host of topics…

… from advanced salesmanship and customer interaction, to practical and simple mise-en-place and garnish preparation, physical cocktail training and menu creation. We can train on simple mixed drinks, bottle service rituals, classic and contemporary cocktail recipes and global trends of service and style.

Alconomics tailors its training to 5* hotels and to independent lounges, watering holes and dive bars alike, pitching training information to the level of the recipient, turning green bartenders to good bartenders and the good to great.

Training is motivational, practical and profitable and is one of the few elements that distinguish one venue from another. In this climate of competition it is customer value that determines survival and success.

Alconomics add value to your operation by raising the standards of service, enjoyment and professionalism through concise and focused training.

*Alconomics Asia team at HK Restaurant & Bar Show ’08.

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