Operation Evaluation

Alconomics take a direct approach to evaluating your business looking at four aspects that effect success and profitability, the Four P’s of beverage operations. People-Product-Profit-Property

The Evaluation can be a stand-alone service aimed at drawing out the strengths and weaknesses of your operation. Through a series of interviews, assessments and site visits we can offer practical advice and recommendations helping you maximize potential and develop your internal training structure.

The evaluation is also the first stage of our consulting service. Taking the Four P’s approach we assess strengths and weaknesses delivering a report – the skeleton to a bespoke training structure we implement and execute to remedy and resolve, maximize and motivate.

Staff and Clientele.
When looking at staff we assess Management, Bartender and Waitstaff, scrutinizing service standards, effectiveness, speed, skill, efficiency, knowledge and interaction. We will compare the job roles and responsibility to ‘on the job’ assessments offering opportunity to those that shine and support and development to those in need.

Customers are assessed on time of arrival, length of stay, spend per head, purchase patterns and demographic with a view that a successful operation has a strong identity attracting like-minded people in a relaxing environment condusive with spending.

The products on offer within the business and the business itself as a product.
How the style, theme and concept of the business is working. Do clientele respond to the identity of the venue? Is the product competitive? Is the beverage programme and service style to the standard of the venue, clientele and price point?

Analyzing and increasing spend per head of clients and gross profit of product.
Evaluate the sales and salesmanship of the staff and venue, the items sold, item price and the gross profit. We will evaluate menu design, layout and staff knowledge and use. Ordering, storage, wastage and usage can all be effectively assessed and maximised.

The physical strengths and parameters of the venue
Evaluating crowd flow, spacing, seating, movement, lighting, furniture, site maintenance and all physical aspects of the property and amenities. Assess bar design, layout, ergonomics and product visibility all with a mind to maximizing venue sales and value to customer