Cocktail of the Week

July 13th 2009

30ml Don Julio Blanco
10ml Rosso Vermouth
10ml Dry Vermouth
10ml Campari

Stir with an orange twist in mixing glass; strain into ice filled rocks glass and garnish with 1/2 orange wheel.

July 6th 2009
Trinidad Sour (Guiseppe Gonzalez, Clover Club, NYC)

1oz Angostura bitters
1oz orgeat
3/4oz lemon juice
1/2oz Rittehnouse Rye Whiskey

Method: shake like hell and serve straight up…no garnish

June 29th 2009
Panamanian Mojito

2oz Ron Abuelo 7yr old Rum
1oz Lime Juice
2/3oz Cane syrup

Method: build/swizzle in rocks glass with crushed ice; garnish with 3 mint sprigs

June 22nd 2009
Cone of Silence (Kevin Clark, Tiki Lounge & Bar, Melbourne)
1/2 large lime quartered
Pulp of 1 Feijoa
1 heaped teaspoon brown sugar
45 ml 42 Below Feijoa Vodka
10-15 ml Green Chartreuse

Muddle feijoa and lime with brown sugar in a tumbler. Add crushed ice, Vodka and Chartreuse and stir. Garnish with a straw encased in a cone of ice.

June 15th 2009
Hardware Lane (Joey Tai, Golden Monkey, Melbourne )
30ml Element 8 rum
30ml Tuaca
15ml Punt e Mes
1 Barspoon Lillet Rouge
Dash Fee Brothers peach bitters
Dash Angostura Bitters

Method: Add all ingredients into a mixing glass stir and pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist and a cherry.

June 8th 2009
Hibiscus Flip (Stuart Reeves,
1.5oz Tanqueray No TEN
1oz fresh lemon juice
3 barspoons of roselle conserve
white of half an egg
barspoon caster sugar
dash of Fee Brothers rhubarb bitters

dry shake, then full shake with cubed ice, dbl-strain into chilled cocktail glass
garnish with lemon twist & hibiscus flower

June 1st 2009
Alamo Sazerac (David Easy, Blue Diamond, Melbourne)
30ml Makers Mark
30ml Partida Reposado Tequila
Barspoon Dom Benedictine
Barspoon Marie Brizard Apry
2 Dashes Peychauds Bitters..

With spray bottle or atomizer filled with Ardbeg, coat inside of a dessert wine or similarly small stemmed glass. Stir over ice, Strain neat into prepared glass… Big coiled Lemon twist to garnish

May 23rd 2009
Kyoto – Made by Unknown, Kontoret, Norway
40 ml Tanqueray TEN gin
1 good dash Passion Monin syrup
10-12 fresh mint leafs
2 cl lime juice
Fill up with club soda

This drink is a local winner, and a smooth beverage during the summer. Have the mint leafs (with stick) and the lime juice in a drink glass. Fill it up with ice cubes and add Passion monin and Tanqueray Ten. Shake it good so the ice cubes crush the mint leafs.
Served in the same glass you shock it in, and add club soda.
Use mintleafs or lime for garnishing.

May 16th 2009
Lemon Park Martini
2 x Lemon Twist
2 x Lime Twist
5ml honey
75ml Tanqueray 10 Gin

Muddle citrus skin in Boston, Shake and fine strain into a chilled cocktail Glassm with a Lemon & Lime Twist Garnish

May 9th 2009
First Love
1/3 Avocado
2 x 1/2 Orange Wheel
75ml Ketel One Vodka
35ml Elderflower Cordial
10ml Verjuice (unfermented, unripe grape juice from Oz)

Muddle & shake all before straining into chilled cocktail glass and serve with Avocado wedge garnish

May 2nd 2009
Le Petit Fou (Andrew Nicholls, Door 74, Amsterdam)
2oz Old Overholt Rye
3/4oz pineapple juice
1/2oz lemon juice
barspoon Tabu Classic Absinthe
dash Bitter Truth Repeal Bitters
dash Bitter truth Celery Bitters

rinse glass with bitters; shake rest of ingredients and strain into chilled cocktail glass. garnish with lemon zest.

April 25th 2009
Thai (Swizzle) Stick (Thursday Drink Night)
1 1/2oz Appleton Extra
1/2oz Licor 43
1/2oz lime juice
1/4oz ginger syrup
1/4oz simple syrup
kaffir lime leaf, for garnish

Swizzle heavily on crushed ice and rub the rim of the glass with the kaffir lime leaf.
Garnish with lime wedge and two short straws

April 18th 2009
The Barbore (Lord Ryan, Edinburgh)
50ml Tanqueray Ten (room temp)
10 caraway seeds
10ml Noilly Dry (fridge)
25ml Meursault (fridge)
dash fee orange bitters

stir, strain into frozen coup, big ol’ nicely trimmed lemon twist, spray and serve in glass

11th April 2009
Ichigo – Ichie (Stan Vadrna, Analog Bar School Bratislava)
45ml Tanqueray No.10
45ml Lillet Rouge
22ml fresh tangerine juice
1 barspoon Cointreau
1-2 dashes of homemade pomegranate syrup

Glass: Cocktail coupette
Method: Shake very well, strain into the glass.
Garnish: Sprayed tangerine zest over the drink. White and yellow coloured edible pansy flower floating on the top.

4th April 2009
The Winchester (Brian Miller, Death & Co, NYC)
1 oz Tanqueray London Dry Gin
1 oz Old Tom Gin
1 oz Miller’s Westbourne Strength Gin
3/4 oz lime juice
3/4 oz grapefruit juice
3/4 oz St Germain elderflower liqueur
1/2 oz house made grenadine
1/4 oz house made ginger syrup
1 dash angostura bitters

shake with 3 ice cubes and strain into a tiki mug

28th March 2009

2 parts silver tequila
1 part Aperol
2 parts pink grapefruit juice
Build in ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with two short straws and a lime wedge.

21st March 2009
Mediterranean Pink Lady
40ml Gin
20ml Cointreau
25ml fresh lemon juice
5ml Limencello
10ml Campari
the white of an egg.

Add all ingredients into 3 piece plastic shaker. Using a hand held blender / whisk called a Barmix, aerate all ingredients until foam has formed. Place a single large piece of cracked ice into the shaker and ‘shake what your mama gave ya’, chilling the mix and continuing to aerate. This method lowers dilution and maximises frothy appearance.
Serve in a cocktail glass. Lemon twist, discard. Enjoy!

14th March 2009
Stone Maple Manhattan Sour
40ml Bourbon
10ml Sweet Vermouth
10ml Orange Juice
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Maple Syrup
Dash Angostura

Shake like the devil himself was chasing you and then strain into an ice filled rocks glass and garnish with a lemon and orange twist.

4017th March 2009
1X Crushed
2 parts Belvedere 1X
1 part white grapefruit juice
1/2 part fresh lime juice
1 whole passionfruit

Add solid and liquids to mixing glass. Shake and strain into rocks glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a Creme de Peche float and a passionfruit segment

28th February 2009
Tanqueray TEN Sazerac (Halbestadt Bar, Vienna)
2 parts Tanqueray No TEN
dash part sugar syrup
dash peychaud bitters
dash absinthe
2 grapefruit twists

in crushed ice filled old fashioned cocktail glass add absinthe and let sit. Zest grapefruit into mixing glass and drop in. Add ice and rest of ingredients and stir well. remove ice and absinthe from glass and shake hard to remove excess. Strain mix in and zest with grapefruit twist.

21st February 2009
2 parts Zubrowka
2 parts fresh apple juice
1 part fresh lime juice
1/2 part sugar syrup
1 inch fresh unpeeled cucumber
1/2 fresh ripe kiwi
6 mint leaves

muddle fruit, mint and sugar in shaker and add rest plus ice. Shake very hard and strain into crushed ice filled highball glass. Garnish with kiwi slice, mint sprig and two long straws.

14th February 2009
El Diablo

2 parts Tequila
1 part fresh lime juice
1/2 part creme de cassis
ginger beer to fill

Shake all ex fizz and strain into ice filled highball glass with ginger beer in base. Garnish with lime wedge and two long straws.